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About Us

About libroot is aimed at providing a wealth of information regarding hacking. Our goal is to encourage intelligent discussion that will engage both new and seasoned hackers.

Why Hacking?
Hacking has a very negative connotation to it. The media portrays hackers as criminals and that has distanced the field from the rest of the world. We believe that hacking is more than just malicious activity. Hacking is a mindset that enables people to understand and look deeper into the world of technology. We want to share this mindset, along with a lot more information, with those who are interested.

The only thing you need to join the community is a valid email address. Registration requires you to verify your email account prior to using your account.
The forums are a great way to expand your knowledge through discussion. Get involved!

If you need to contact the staff for any reason, please refer to our contact form here. You may also message an administrator through the forum messaging system.

libroot does not support illegal activity. This includes, but is not limited to, hack requests, unauthorized hack attempts, and any malicious activity.

Happy hacking everyone.