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Favorite language to hack?

Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:39 pm

To me hacking in to PHP based websites have always been a pleasure and I love finding bugs and use those to manipulate the website and get what I want.

Now since we don't share anything illegal here so let me be clear that when I said " I get what I want" what I mean is that just finding a bug/loophole/security-dent it's self isn't enough (useless) unless you can actually do something with it and it doesn't necessarily mean that I harmed the website in anyway. I only check to see what is possible to do with that info and pass it along to others so they can better protect their website.

Why do I enjoy hacking php based websites?
Because, PHP is being used with a lot of major companies. Just look at WP, Facebook etc....
Most of the time people don't update the php depreciated code being the websites are huge with 10000's of pages which could result in making hacking easy.
Again just look at WP, you just sniff around to see what site hasn't update and Bam! you are in.
Most websites update the php and forget about updating HTML, XML, CSS, you would be surprised how often you can hack in to a website because there was a design code flaw.

Now I am not the one to watch porn, it's just not my thing once you experience the real stuff ;) but, one of the first website that I had hacked was a porn website using a book called "The Black Book of Hacking". A very old and outdated book now and !have had and update version. All I had to do was to located the admin login page and then I tried a combination of the most used password I believe it took my about 10 tries and I got in. I didn't do anything I logged out and reported the issue to the admin and a few months later I was able to get back in to the same site using the same UID & PASS. I guess some people just don't care. I mean common I had Admin account on my finger tips, I could've stolen all of their members information or download their whole library of collections, but I didn't do it just was not my interest. I may have done that being there if it was a new soon to be released Avengers Movie lol.

What language based website have you hacked? Please don't share any illegal information of yours. You may share your first source where you learned hacking from.
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Re: Favorite language to hack?

Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:45 am

Hrm, I suppose that's a pretty big question. In regards to website security, most of it is usually PHP. I've ran into a few servers using Perl, but mostly PHP. That said, being a web dev myself, I know a lot of the places that a lot of people generally miss. Most of it stems from poorly handled user input, but there are a couple other places that PHP devs can leave open for exploitation.
Now there was one website that I was actually help dev for. The site was using almost exclusively PHP with the exception of Perl for one very specific script. In the end, I was able to use the Perl accessibility to allow my to do things that PHP's safe mode had disabled. Pretty nifty.
I can't say I've ever worked on any Python-based sites. And with all this node.js stuff coming around nowadays, it might be worth shifting gears.
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