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Updated Index Page

Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:57 am

The index page has been updated. For the most part, it has a very simple layout without too much content.
I went ahead and created a small news feed for the home page as well. This way, the last five news posts will be seen on the landing page.

Plans for the near future: Add in an article system. I'm still unsure of whether the articles will be a custom side system, or just make use of the forums post system. If I go with the latter, creating a feed for the articles will be as easy as using my news feed for the articles. The forums post method would also allow for articles to be submitted by everyone, rather than just moderation (although, articles will still need to be reviewed by moderation unlike traditional posts).

Happy hacking, and happy holidays!
Valar Morghulis
-libroot founder

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